Hon. James L. Oberstar comes to town

On May 24, 2011, the Interlake Steamship Company renamed the M/V Charles M. Beeghly the Hon. James L. Oberstar, the recently retired United States Congressman from the State of Minnesota. … [Read more...]

The Hon. James L. Oberstar makes his …

presence felt again in Duluth. The ‘boat’ was pulled to the dock behind the DECC for her re-christening on Tuesday, May 23, 2011 … [Read more...]

Interlake renames Beeghly to MV Hon. James L. Oberstar

(from Interlake Steamship Company, March 7, 2010) The Interlake Steamship Company is pleased to announce the renaming of the M/V Charles M. Beeghly in recognition of the Honorable James L. Oberstar, retired United States Congressman from the State of Minnesota. The Vessel will sail from layup this March as the M/V Hon. James L. Oberstar, and will be … [Read more...]

Charles M. Beeghly in Duluth

The Great Lakes freighter Charles M. Beeghly arrived in Duluth in the afternoon of December 23rd, 2010 to pick up an iron ore pellet cargo. She makes about 6 trips a year to the Twin Ports of Duluth Superior. … [Read more...]

Beeghly arrives to friendly crowd

The Charles M. Beeghly arrived last night to load iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth. The boat gave a double salute to acknowledge the large crowd that gathered to welcome it to Duluth (above). It was built in 1959 in Toledo and is 806 feet long, and is nearly identical to the John Sherwin, a boat that spent many years in the Twin Ports sitting idle. This is the 8th … [Read more...]

Charles M. Beeghly

Two salt water ships should be coming under the Lift Bridge today. The Uta is expected in from the anchorage and the Beluga Expectation should be coming in sometime this morning. Both will load grain. Before 4 more salt water ships arrive on Friday, three thousand footers will be here today to load coal, the Paul R. Tregurtha, Indiana Harbor and American Integrity. The Charles … [Read more...]

Charles M. Beeghly still the Beeghly

Great Lakes captains and their crews who are coming to Duluth today must be very patient people. Some of them have waited for good weather at the other end of the lake for up to 4 days. The weather cleared and they are all coming here today, give or take an hour or a day or so. The Algowood came in last night to replace the Mesabi Miner at the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock … [Read more...]

Charles M. Beeghly at the Twin Ports

The Charles M. Beeghly will be here today to load taconite pellets for Indiana Harbor. It is nearly identical to the John Sherwin, a boat that was recently towed to Fraser Shipyards for an evaluation after sitting idle in the harbor since 1981. In that same year, the Beeghly was converted to a self unloader so it is still on the lakes. The Sherwin did not get a self unloader … [Read more...]

Beeghly at Fraser

Eleven boats spent the winter in Duluth Superior. Six of them, including the Charles M. Beeghly, seen above in February at the Fraser Shipyard in Duluth, will be departing Duluth today, beginning their, and our, shipping season. The first Canadian boat of the season, the CSL Laurentien should also be here today. It will be the first boat to load taconite at the Burlington … [Read more...]

Charles M. Beeghly

There is not much traffic left for this shipping season. The Roger Blough and the Edgar B. Speer were expected here late last night. The Charles M. Beeghly and Edwin H. Gott should be the 9th and 10th winter lay-up arrivals today. The James R. Barker left yesterday afternoon with coal for Marquette. It is expected back on Tuesday morning, the 11th and last arrival for winter … [Read more...]

Charles M. Beeghly returns

The Charles M. Beeghly will be here today for the 6th time this season. It is very similar to the John Sherwin, a boat that was taken out of service in 1981. The Sherwin is still out, sitting at a berth in Superior. In the same year, the Beeghly was converted to a self unloader and remains a working boat on the Great Lakes, although it too was out of service from 1981 until … [Read more...]