UMD STEM Students out on the Blue Heron

UMD stands for University of Minnesota at Duluth. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These are STEM students from UMD going out on UMD’s research vessel Blue Heron this morning (Saturday, September 10, 2016). They are freshmen, just two weeks into their college career; a good time to go down and introduce yourself to Lake Superior. This is also UMD STEM … [Read more...]

Science Friday at the Duluth ship canal

The Blue Heron returned home this afternoon (June 5, 2015) after a six day research trip to recover and redeploy a set of scientific moorings deployed throughout Lake Superior.  Moorings collect data that are used to study lake water warming and  changing ice conditions on the lake and to study internal waves in Lake Superior. The Blue Heron is owned … [Read more...]

Blue Heron does important research

The Blue Heron, a research vessel owned and operated by the Large Lakes Observatory at UMD, will be departing the port around 7 this morning on one of many research trips it takes into Lake Superior. This trip will concentrate on studying the biology of algae, a food source for many of the fish in the lake. Changes in the algae population is often an early indicator of problems … [Read more...]

The Heron waits for the Callaway

Monday afternoon, August 18th, 2008; the Cason J. Callaway had just departed Duluth while the research vessel Blue Heron was circling around to come in on the next lift of the Duluth Aerial Bridge. … [Read more...]

Blue Heron home from school

The Walter J. McCarthy Jr. came under the Lift Bridge on Tuesday afternoon around 5 pm, back from sea trials watched over by the Coast Guard. Right behind the 1,000-footer was the 119-foot Blue Heron, above, coming in after a successful day at school on the Lake. Owned and operated by the University of Minnesota Duluth, the research vessel is used by a wide variety of groups … [Read more...]