Cranes loading cranes onto trucks

20091205_4370 Last December 13th, the Beluga Revolution brought the pieces for two cranes from Germany. Discharged by Lake Superior Warehousing, they stayed here until this weekend  22 Canadian and US trucks arrived to pick them up and take them to oil sands projects in Alberta, Canada. The job started this morning (12-5-09). All 22 trucks should be loaded and ready to go by Monday.

Beluga Revolution at Port Terminal

There was a lot of activity in the port yesterday. Some of it will spill over to today. We are not expecting any arrivals at the Duluth or Superior entry today, but 4 boats should be departing. The Beluga Revolution finally made it over to CHS to load spring wheat for Great Britain. The ship had to wait about a week before loading the outbound cargo. It does make it the last salt water ship of the season, a dubious distinction at the least. The picture above shows the Beluga Revolution waiting at the port terminal next to crane number one. The picture was taken on Thursday afternoon; later in the evening it went to CHS in Superior to load the wheat for Great Britain. Photo taken on December 18, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 12-19-2008

Beluga Revolution gives up cargo to gantry cranes

The heavy lift Beluga Revolution was originally expected here on November 28th, but didn’t arrive until Friday, December 12th, 14 days later than originally expected but just in time for a blizzard. In the cargo hold of the ship were two, identical 440 ton Terex cranes, specifically the Terex 2400. Actually, there were 94 components in the hold, 46 for each crane, that were lifted from the ship’s hold. The 2 Port Authority gantry cranes did the heavy lifting to move the crane parts out of the cargo hold and onto waiting trucks. After finishing late Friday night, workers were back early Saturday morning. Blizzards have a way of focusing one’s attention. Longshoremen from Lake Superior Warehousing are home today, but the ship went or will go to CHS in Superior to load wheat. Above, you see one of the pieces just coming out of the cargo hold. It was placed onto the waiting truck that took it to another part of the Port Terminal. The two cranes will eventually be taken, by truck, to an oil sands project in Alberta where they will be assembled. Photo taken on December 13, 2008
*submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication on 12-14-2008