McCarthy arrives Duluth under Aerial Lift Bridge

The American Integrity is expected here at first light today to load coal at the Midwest Energy coal dock in Superior. The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. is expected in the early afternoon, also here to load coal. Each boat will take about 64,000 tons of coal to Detroit Edison with the American Integrity going to the power plant at St. Clair. The McCarthy will split its load between … [Read more...]

McCarthy goes unnoticed by many

The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. came in for some repairs on Thursday before it could move over to Midwest Energy Resources in Superior to load coal. That done, the thousand footer went under the Lift Bridge about 12:30 on Saturday afternoon (pictured), in time to be ignored by many who, even though they had run 26 miles to get to the Marine Museum in Canal Park, had more important … [Read more...]

McCarthy sails under Aerial Lift Bridge

The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. arrived last night (above) on its 7th trip of the season to the Twin Ports. It is here to load coal; on this trip, taking it to Ontario Power Generation in Nanticoke. It was here 28 times last season. The Cason J. Callaway has been loading limestone in Calcite, Michigan and is due here today with that cargo. It will then go to Two Harbors to load … [Read more...]

Walter J. McCarthy Jr. departing Duluth

The tug Sea Robin is expected in port today with a cargo of calcium chloride on a barge named Hugh. This is the first visit to the Twin Ports for the Sea Robin, a tug that is more often found in San Francisco and other west coast ports. It loaded the liquid cargo at a Dow Chemical facility in Ludington, Michigan. The Walter J. McCarthy Jr. probably departed the port earlier … [Read more...]

McCarthy Jr. enters harbor under Aerial Lift Bridge

The season's last salt water ship, the Beluga Revolution, departed the port on Friday evening. That means no more wind turbines or grain. Coal and iron ore pellets will make up most of the cargo that will be departing the port for the rest of the season, which will probably continue until January 20th or so. The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. will be here today to load coal at Midwest … [Read more...]

Walter J. taking away some Twin Ports ice

The picture above of the Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. was taken last December 10th as the big thousand footer was turning toward the Lift Bridge on the way down the lake with another load of coal. You will notice it is taking along some extra weight that we should soon be seeing more of. The McCarthy will be back today for the 25th trip this season, but will load a rare iron ore … [Read more...]