BBC Ontario

The BBC Ontario came into port on June 13th to discharge 11 component sets (minus blades) of Siemens wind turbines loaded in Denmark. Each wind turbine has a cone shaped piece, called a spinner. It sits just in front of the hub, the piece that holds the three blades. The BBC Ontario had 11 spinners in their cargo hold. Above, you see the Port Terminal crane yesterday placing … [Read more...]

BBC Ontario loading wind turbine blades

Above, the 4th of 10 wind turbine blades is lowered onto a lower deck of the BBC Ontario Monday morning at the Port Terminal. Over the weekend, beet pulp pellets were loaded into the cargo holds below this deck at General Mills. After ten blades were placed here, hatch covers were lowered over it to form the weather or top deck. Twenty one blades were put on the top deck before … [Read more...]

The crew of the BBC Ontario

Repairs to their ship have kept the crew of the BBC Ontario in port for longer than they planned. Captain Jorgen Melchiors had some time to gather most of his crew of 15 for a group picture. He is from Denmark, the chief engineer is from Myanmar, while the rest of the crew is from Russia, most of them from Kaliningrad. *submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication … [Read more...]