Two salt water ships at the Port Terminal

That's the Asiaborg on the left, tied up at berth 2 at the Port Terminal. It has been waiting for the BBC Elbe (right) to complete discharging wind turbine pieces at berth 1. That happened late Friday afternoon when the BBC Elbe moved out of the slip on its way to get fuel at the Murphy Fuel Dock right around the corner. It probably departed the port early this morning. The … [Read more...]

BBC Elbe first visit to Duluth

After several days at anchor, the BBC Elbe came into port on Friday afternoon (above) to load grain. Built in 2006, it is making its first trip to Duluth. The ship is owned by BBC Chartering & Logistic in Leer, Germany. This year, they also brought the BBC Finland, BBC Italy, BBC Mexico, BBC Mississippi, BBC Plata and the BBC Russia to the Twin Ports. There are 7 sister … [Read more...]