American Mariner departs while Cornelia waits, again!

Before departing this morning (above, on October 30, 2016), the American Mariner arrived Duluth on Friday evening, October 28, 2016 to load wheat at the General Mills elevator in Superior. The Cornelia is at anchor off the Duluth piers waiting to come in to load grain. She arrived in the Twin Ports on October 16 with a cargo of cement she … [Read more...]

4 boats for the Fourth of July

In the afternoon on July 4th, 2016,the tug Ken Boothe, Sr. pushed the barge Lakes Contender through the Duluth harbor, on her way to discharge a cargo of limestone at the Graymont dock in Superior. They loaded their cargo in Calcite, Michigan. The tug barge is owned by the American Steamship Company in Buffalo, New York. They also operate the American Mariner; after loading … [Read more...]

American Mariner here for grain.

John Zywicki took this picture this  morning (May 14, 2014) while the American Mariner was loading grain at Duluth Storage, formerly the Cargill Elevator. She arrived early this morning for her first trip to the Twin Ports this season. Her self unloader is up and moved to the side so the grain loader can access her cargo holds. … [Read more...]

American Mariner loads wheat from Riverland Ag for Buffalo

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Waves to the American Mariner

The American Mariner arrived Duluth on Friday, October 21st around noon. She is loading wheat at General Mills in Superior to take to Buffalo. She follows the path that the Kinsman Independent (now called the Ojibway) used to take for many years, keeping General Mills flour mills filled with wheat so they can make lots of Wheaties. Listen to her whistle and the Duluth Aerial … [Read more...]

American Mariner plus one arrive Duluth on Tuesday morning, August 11, 2009

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American Mariner here for coal

The American Mariner came into port late afternoon on Tuesday (above). It was expected to depart very early this morning taking a cargo of coal to We-Energies in Milwaukee. This is the third trip here this season. Last season, it made 11 visits to the Twin Ports. The Paul R. Tregurtha left here on Tuesday morning with coal for Taconite Harbor. It is discharging that today and … [Read more...]

American Mariner, twice

When a boat comes under the Lift Bridge twice in one day, it usually comes in first and departs later in the day. The American Mariner will first depart the port this morning and then return this evening. It arrived last night (above) to load coal for Silver Bay Power and should leave this morning to deliver that cargo before returning later today to load coal for Presque Isle, … [Read more...]

American Mariner coming in for coal

The American Mariner came into port on Sunday afternoon (above) to load coal. It probably departed for Milwaukee very early this morning. Three salt water ships will be moving in the harbor today. The Dutch flagged Jumbo Vision is expected around noon with 12 large containment vessels that will eventually go to oil sands projects in Alberta. Later today, the BBC Maine, flying … [Read more...]

American Mariner departs to the blues

Fiona Boyes and the Fortune Tellers made it to the Bayfront Blues Festival stage on Sunday afternoon in time to sing to the Beluga Expectation leaving for Spain with wind turbine blades and the American Mariner departing with coal for Milwaukee. Above, she serenades the American Mariner. Photo taken on August 12, 2007. *submitted to the Duluth News Tribune for publication … [Read more...]

American Mariner lines up to depart Duluth

The Kapitonas Stulpinas should be arriving under the Lift Bridge very early this morning. It comes to Duluth about once a year, often, as today, to load bentonite. It was built in Ukraine in 1981 as part of the former Soviet Union’s merchant vessel fleet. Like many other ships in that fleet, it is now owned and operated by the Lithuanian Shipping Company at Klaipeda, a port … [Read more...]