More salt for Duluth

  The Algoma Enterprise has been discharging salt at the North American Salt Dock for the last two days; she is expected to complete the discharge later this evening. In the old days, until about 2008, the Algoma Enterprise, then the Canadian Enterprise, loaded coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior and carried it to the Ontario Power Generator in Nanticoke, Ontario. … [Read more...]

… more waiting

The Polish owned Nogat (left) was joined by the Canadian Transport last night (May 3, 2011) at anchor off the Duluth piers. The Canadian Transport came in this morning at 2:59 to load iron ore pellets, replacing the Canadian Olympic. She finished at the CN dock and departed under the Aerial Lift Bridge this  morning at 5:24. The CSL Tadoussac has replaced the Transport at … [Read more...]

Canadian Transport amid many visitors

Blue skies, birds and babies greeted the Canadian Transport when it came into port on Sunday afternoon (above). Last year, it averaged 9.6 hours in port over the 19 trips it made to the Twin Ports. It takes a little under an hour to get from the bridge to the coal dock each way, so it averaged about 7½ hours at the loading dock. It is actually a little less than that since it … [Read more...]

Getting greener by the day

The Canadian Transport came into Duluth late Sunday afternoon on May 17th, 2008. She is here to load 30,000 tons of coal for Ontario Power Generation in Nanticoke. … [Read more...]

Canadian Transport arrives in snow for coal

Saturday afternoon, the Canadian Transport came into port to load coal (above). After waiting a couple hours for the Mesabi Miner to finish loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources, it moved in to replace the Miner at the coal dock. For the Miner, this was its 50th trip to the Twin Ports this season; it is only the 18th for the Transport. The Miner, a thousand footer, loaded … [Read more...]

Canadian Transport here to load coal

The newly built Loireborg arrived off the Duluth piers last night and dropped anchor to wait for the berth at General Mills. Just before the Loireborg appeared, the Canadian Transport arrived (above) in port to load coal at Midwest Energy Resources. The American Spirit was due early this morning and will likely become third boat to lay up for winter. The Edward L. Ryerson and … [Read more...]

Canadian Transport for coal

Coal is still a big cargo for the port, almost all of it loaded from Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. Above, the Canadian Transport came in Friday morning for coal. It probably left Friday night and was replaced by the Algosoo. The Mesabi Miner may have anchored off the Duluth piers last night before coming in to follow the Algosoo. Later today, the Algorail will arrive to … [Read more...]

Canadian Transport departs with crowd watching

To the end of June, we have had 402 ship arrivals in the Twin Ports this season. That is 7 less than last year. Through June, we had only 24 salt water ships here. That is 9 less than last year. Canadian trips in June are down by 6 and the US flagged vessel count was up 8. Last June, we totaled 131 arrivals; this year, we had 136. That is a modest increase over last year, but … [Read more...]

Canadian Transport leaves with coal

The big news today is the rebirth of the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. After almost 4 months of repairs, it will be going out in the lake this morning for sea trials and is expected back early this evening to load coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. It will follow the Canadian Transport seen above departing Duluth in April, 2004. Both boats will be taking coal to Ontario … [Read more...]

Canadian Transport enters the harbor

After spending a day or more waiting out the wind at Thunder Bay, the Canadian Transport decided to come over to Duluth in time for the snow storm. It arrived here on Saturday afternoon (above), coming under the Lift Bridge just as the Mesabi Miner was getting ready to depart the coal dock at Midwest Energy Resources, and the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. was moving in. The Canadian … [Read more...]

Canadian Transport arriving Duluth canal

The Ypermachos finally departed the Twin Ports with grain last night. The Beluga Energy was due in Tuesday night but high winds on Lake Superior forced the ship to take cover near the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan, on the south shore of Lake Superior. It was expected in last night and should be discharging wind turbine parts from Spain at first light this morning at the Port … [Read more...]