Algoma Spirit here for wheat

Last winter the Sandviken was sold by Viken Shipping in Bergen, Norway to Algoma Central Railway, a Canadian shipping company that sends many boats such as the Algolake and the Algonorth to the Twin Ports. The ship arrived in the Twin Ports yesterday as the Algoma Spirit. Because of a previous contract, the ship still has the same Filipino crew as it had when it was the Sandviken and it is still … [Read more...]

Sandviken enters Duluth ship canal

The Redhead, built in China in 2005, and here for the second time this year, probably departed last night. That left the berth at AGP in Duluth available for the Zeus, which should have arrived early this morning. It has been here 7 other times, including twice in 2000, the year it was built. The BBC Russia, built in 2003, will be here for the 2nd time since then. It will be loading grain at the … [Read more...]

Sandviken in the Duluth shipping canal

After a stop in Chicago to discharge general cargo, the Sandviken should be arriving today to load grain. The Sandviken is Norwegian owned. Viken in Norwegian means Bay. Sandviken is a location just outside Bergen, Norway, the home office of the owner, Viken Shipping. Other ships owned by them that also come to Duluth are the Daviken, Goviken, Inviken and Utviken. Above, the Sandviken enters the … [Read more...]