Mike and Marnie from Thunder Bay

Mike Wolowich and his daughter Marnie came down from Thunder Bay to watch the ships come under the Lift Bridge, a trip he has made for many years; Marnie has many  memories  of great family trips to Duluth to see the ships but those trips don’t go back nearly so far as Mike’s. We took pictures of each other while we took pictures of the Adam E. Cornelius coming in. Click pic … [Read more...]

Strike is over, probably

8/5/2011 - Noon Update – from WDIO in Duluth: Members of the American Maritime Officers union are heading back to work. They had been on strike since Monday, after they and their employer American Steamship Company failed to reach a labor deal. On Friday, workers got the call that they will be returning to work either Friday or Saturday and stopped picketing. This is good news … [Read more...]

News notes for January, 2011 …

… as of Wednesday, January 17, 2011 Winter layup in Duluth The Adam E. Cornelius, American Victory and Edward L. Ryerson have been in port for an extended layup. The H. Lee White arrived in port for winter layup on January 4th, 2011. The American Spirit arrived here for layup on January 12, 2011 and the Roger Blough arrived on January 14th. Both the … [Read more...]

Adam E. Cornelius departs Twin Ports

The big boats will be back today. In fact, this will be the best day for boat watching in a long time. Four thousand-footers are coming here today, three for coal and one for iron ore pellets. Two smaller boats, the Atlantic Huron and the Quebecois are also going to arrive in port. The Atlantic Huron may drop anchor off the Duluth piers while it waits for the James R. Barker to … [Read more...]

Cornelius arrives to Canal Park crowd

The Adam E. Cornelius arrived in town on Monday afternoon (above), welcomed at the ship canal by a lot of people enjoying the ships and the sun together. This is the 4th trip here for the Cornelius this season. On this trip, it brought limestone in and when that is discharged, it will move over to both the General Mills elevator and to CHS to load wheat for Buffalo. On some of … [Read more...]

Adam E. Cornelius to take wheat to Buffalo

The Adam E. Cornelius departed its winter layup berth in Toledo on April 15th and loaded a cargo of limestone for the Twin Ports, coming under the Lift Bridge on Sunday afternoon (above). When it completes discharging that cargo, it will load wheat to take to Buffalo. This is the first trip here this season for the Cornelius. It made 16 trips last season and 21 the year before. … [Read more...]

Adam E. Cornelius exits icy Duluth harbor

The Adam E. Cornelius arrived on Thursday morning at 7:10 to load wheat for the Frontier grain elevator in Buffalo. That is work that was handled by the Kinsman Independent for many years and then for a time by the Joseph H. Frantz. The Frantz was scrapped and the Kinsman Independent was headed to the scrap yard but before that could happen, it was purchased by Voyageur Marine … [Read more...]

Adam E. Cornelius enters Duluth at sunset

The Adam E. Cornelius is here today with limestone loaded at Port Inland, Michigan. After discharging that cargo at the CLM Lime Plant in Superior, it will move over to the CN Dock in West Duluth to load iron ore pellets. Above, it arrived last night on its 13th trip to the Twin Ports. On 7 of those trips, it loaded wheat for Buffalo; it loaded iron ore pellets on the other … [Read more...]

Adam E. Cornelius enters Duluth ship canal

For many years, the Kinsman Independent came to the Twin Ports to load wheat at General Mills for the Frontier grain elevator in Buffalo. Then as now, it tends to be a spring and fall trip when wheat is more available. In the summer, the Kinsman just took a rest, but the Adam E. Cornelius moved to other cargos until the wheat harvest picked up in the fall. This is the 12th trip … [Read more...]

Adam E. Cornelius leads Tregurtha into Duluth ship canal

On April 19th, the Paul R. Tregurtha departed Duluth with a cargo of coal for Detroit Edison in St. Clair, Michigan. Two days later, the Adam E. Cornelius departed Duluth, heading for Buffalo with a cargo of wheat. In the picture above, taken yesterday, the Cornelius just beat the Tregurtha to the Duluth ship canal as both were returning from trips to Buffalo and Detroit. But … [Read more...]

Adam E. Cornelius here for wheat

The Adam E. Cornelius came into port on Sunday afternoon (above) to load wheat at the General Mills dock in Superior. This is the first trip here for the Cornelius this season. It was here 21 times last year. As on most of the trips it makes here, it is loading wheat at General Mills in Superior to take to the Frontier grain elevator in Buffalo. That is work that was handled by … [Read more...]