America was built in 2010, is 434 feet long and flies the Dutch flag

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The America arrived Duluth on October 9, 2017 to load wheat at Riverland Ag (above). She is the former Flinter America.
Flinter Shipping Group declared bankruptcy in November, 2016 and Wagenborg in The Netherlands is now operating her.
Until Flinter went bankrupt, she sent many of her ships to Duluth, although not this one. The Flinterduin, Flinterland, Flintermaas, Flinterrebecca, Flinterspirit, Flinterstar, Flinterstream and Flintersun all visited Duluth.
The Flinterduin was here several times to load barley for Budweiser beer that was brewed in England. That was when they advertised that their beer was exactly the same all over the world, hence they sent North Dakota barley around the world, the same place the company purchased their barley for beer they brewed in the United States, I was told.

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