Algoma Strongfield

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Algoma Strongfield was built in 2017, is 741 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Algoma Transfer
The Algoma Strongfield is expected in Duluth on Sunday, June 18, 2017. She will load iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth. She is a brand new ship, leaving the shipyard in Jingjiang, China on April 3, 2017. She was docked for a while in Davao City, Philippines; was off the Marshall Islands on May 7, cleared the Panama Canal on May 21, off Guantanamo Bay on May 23, East of Boston on May 28, off Nova Scotia on May 29 and was loading iron ore in Port Cartier for Hamilton on June 1.
Photos on this page courtesy of Jeff Cameron and taken on June 8, 2017.

Below is some interesting information posted by Algoma Central on their web site on April 4, 2017

The Algoma Strongfield will make the journey to Canada under foreign flag and will be re-flagged and crewed by Canadian seafarers when she reaches Canada. The ship will join its Equinox Class sister ships, the Algoma Equinox, the Algoma Harvester, along with the G3 Marquis, owned by G3 Canada Limited and will service the Company’s agriculture and iron ore trades.
“We are looking forward to the Algoma Strongfield’s arrival in Canada this summer,” said Ken Bloch Soerensen, Algoma President and CEO.  “The completion and delivery of this ship was delayed by the bankruptcy of the shipyard at which she was being built; however, liquidation of the shipyard enabled us to acquire the vessel at an attractive price,” Mr. Soerensen continued. algomastrongfield1
The Algoma fleet now includes four of the original Equinox Class series of gearless bulker carriers. Seven additional Equinox Class vessels, including two 650’ self-unloaders and five 740’ self-unloaders are currently under construction. Two of these ships are scheduled to be delivered in time to enter service during 2017.

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