El Galeon Andalucía

Denis Sullivan

El Galeon Andalucía was built in 2010, is 623 feet long, and flies the flag of Spain

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The El Galeón Andalucía was in Duluth for the first time during Tall Ships 2016. She is a replica of a 16th century galleon, the only one in the world that sails in present days. These ships were the type of vessel used by the Spanish Crown for maritime expeditions during the 16th through the 18th centuries. Galleons were intended to discover and then establish trade routes between Spain, America and the Philippines islands, and formed what was then called the “Fleet of the Indies”. For three centuries, these Spanish galleons crossed the Atlantic Ocean back and forth, sailed around the Caribbean Sea and the American coasts, and covered the Pacific route as well. They carried plenty of seamen, merchant traders and settlers, while their holds bore the fabulous loads resulting from American and Asian trade.
This is a 500 ton galleon, with length overall reaching 160 feet and a beam of 32 feet. Four masts hold 6 sails which measure almost 11,000 square feet. Her average speed is 7 knots. Since her launching, a crew between 15 to 35 people have manned her across the seas and oceans around the world. She has navigated the Pacific and Indian oceans, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and her wake has spread over the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the South and East China seas, the Aegean Sea, the Bosphorus strait, the Caribbean Sea and the whole East Coast of the US, covering thousands of nautical miles in an attempt to evoke her ancestors.


  1. Dale g, Bateman says:

    Perhaps next tall ships they should try and get the black sails ships.

  2. Were some of the “fabulous loads” in these galleons’ holds African slaves bound for the Americas?

  3. I saw this ship up close and it is by far the largest of the Tall Ships….

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