Claude A. Desgagnés


Claude A. Desgagnés was built in 2011, is 460 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

CSL Assiniboine
Previous names:
Elsborg: 2011-2012
Claude A. Desgagnés: 2012-
Owned by Transport Desgagnes in Quebec, the Claude A. Desgagnés spends the summer months under the Canadian flag providing cargo services to the new Canadian territory of Nunavik, claudedesgagnesfromwebsiteformerly a part of the Northwest Territories in Western Canada. Located inside the Arctic Circle, many villages there need to be supplied for the entire year during the summer months when the water is open for navigation. During the other part of the year, the company reflags the ship with a foreign flag and she operates similar to many of the ocean going ships that come to Duluth. She made her first trip to the Twin Ports in November, 2015. She loaded spring wheat for Italy.
Group Neas is a division of Transport Desgagnes and operates a number of vessels that also operate under the same pattern. The Umiavut is one of those ships and is owned by the Inuit people in the newly created Canadian territory called Nunavut.  She was in Duluth in 2010 to deliver wind turbine parts.

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