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Beatrix was built in 2009, is 507 feet long and flies the flag of The Netherlands

Beluga Constitution
Previous names:
Fivelborg: 2009-2009
Beatrix: 2009-
queenbeatrixwikipediaThe Royal Wagenborg company in The Netherlands usually adds a –borg at the end of their ship’s names, but not the Beatrix, a ship they launched in 2009 with the help of their Queen Beatrix. Queens stand alone; you do not rename your Monarch. The ship was christened by HM Queen Beatrix herself. Despite the fact the the Queen abdicated her crown in 2013, her ship still proudly sails the world’s oceans. She (the ship) is expected to make her 4th trip to the Twin Ports around April 13th, 2017. She will load grain at CHS; on her first 3 trips, she loaded beet pulp pellets at Gavilon.
Above, the Beatrix moved through the Duluth harbor on Sunday, August 9, 2015, on her way to load grain at CHS 1 in Superior. This is her first trip to Duluth Superior since she was launched in 2009.

Beatrix abdicated in favor of her eldest son, Willem-Alexander, and resumed the title of princess.  At the time of her abdication, Beatrix was the oldest reigning monarch of the Netherlands


  1. Rob Koedam Kortgene The Netherlands says:

    This ship has been christened by H.M. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

  2. Steve Taylor says:

    What a great website — I have really enjoyed reading about all of the various ships that visit Duluth and the other ports. One point on the country of origin for the Dutch ships: I believe the proper phrase would be that they fly the flag of “the Netherlands.” Best wishes with this wonderful resource.

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