G3 Marquis

Gordon C. Leitch

G3 Marquis was built in 2014, is 740 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Previous names:
CWB Marquis: 2014-2016
G3 Marquis: 2016-

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The G3 Marquis visited Duluth/Superior 6 times in 2016, loading iron ore pellets at Burlington Northern on each trip. She was built in China for the Algoma Central Corporation, for use by the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). Despite that, she often  loads iron ore pellets. The pictures here were taken while she was getting fuel at Calumet on April 12, 2016.
Photo below courtesy of Boatnerd. (See comment below from Denny Dushane regarding the name change from CWB Marquis to G3 Marquis, reflecting the name change of the Canadian Wheat Board to G3.)


  1. James Pederson says:

    How doe’s this fit in the Welland Canal?

  2. Denny Dushane says:

    They are no longer called CWB Marquis as they were renamed in February 2016. During 2015 the CWB or Canadian Wheat Board became G3 Canada Ltd. and thus the CWB Marquis is now the G3 Marquis. Noticeable changes of course are the new name G3 Marquis along with a new stack and logo with the G3 painted on along with their company logo. Also the CWB billboard letters and colors on the side of the hull have also since been painted over with the new G3 billboard painted in its place. One last noticeable change is at the stern of the vessel with the slogan “Prairie Strong Worldwide” as this slogan has also been removed with a newer slogan and saying of “Forward We Grow” for the new owners G3 Canada Ltd. Algoma Central Corp. will continue operating the vessel with G3 Canada Ltd. as the owners of the vessel as well.

    • Denny Dushane says:

      She is a “Seaway-Max” gearless bulk carrier and measures 740 feet in length with a beam or width of 78 feet.
      The Seaway and Welland Canal Locks will take a vessel no longer or wider than that of the G3 Marquis.
      So to really answer your question, the largest ship to use the Welland is 740 X 78 as this is the maximum limit
      Both length and width for vessels using both the Welland and Seaway Locks. Hope that this has helped!

      • Denny,
        U are a great help and your contributions are greatly appreciated.

        • Denny Dushane says:

          Thanks Ken for your comments and kind words and encouragement as they are greatly appreciated and glad to help contribute in any way that I can for you and the Duluth Shipping News’ website. As you may already know, I am a big and huge fan of your website and I also am a big and huge supporter and also contributor for the boatnerd site as well. I only wish though there was a way of sharing more of my photos with the boatwatching community as I am not on Facebook and don’t want to be. I have taken digital photos since 2006 and only had one of my photos in the Know Your Ships the 2014 edition with the Algoma Equinox on its first trip up the St. Clair River in which you have on your website as well. Again, thanks for your kind words of encouragement.


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