Peter Rönna


Peter Rönna was built in 2002, is 324 feet long and flies the flag of Gibraltar

Previous names:
BBC Sweden: 2002-2002
Sandhoern: 2002-2002
Peter Rönna: 2002-2003
Svend: 2003-2006
Peter Rönna: 2006-

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The Peter Rönna is a similar build to the BBC Romania (shown above from the BBC Chartering web page regarding the Peter Rönna).  She is a heavylift multipurpose tweendecker. Tweendecker means her holds can be reconfigured to carry a variety of different cargos. She has two 60 metric ton cranes on her deck. She is bringing over two dozen renewable wind energy components for Minnesota Power after a voyage from Brande, Denmark, where the equipment is manufactured by Siemens A.G.


  1. Neat looking ship, moving very fast through the canal!

  2. obviously in a rush to get somewhere!

  3. Wow — was she moving. Very interesting looking ship

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