Algoma Equinox

Algoma Enterprise

Algoma Equinox was built in 2013, is 740 feet long and flies a Canadian flag

Algoma Guardian
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The Algoma Equinox was built in China in 2013. She left the ship yard in Nantong in early October for the 8-week journey to Canada. She arrived in Duluth Superior on December 9, 2013 where she will load iron ore pellets at the BN dock in Superior.
Above, she is in the Duluth harbor approaching the Lift Bridge after backing away from the dock at Riverland Ag where she loaded wheat.
Denny Dushane took these two photos of the Algoma Equinox on December 7, 2013 when she was on the St. Clair River. Thanks, Denny.


  1. Rick Tykolis says:

    She is a Gearless Bottom…in unloads with a Clam …

  2. Tristin (loves ships) says:

    As one of the newest ships on the lakes why doesn’t she have a self-unloading boom?

  3. Austin loves ships says:

    One of me fav.

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