Mottler was built in 2009, is 607 feet long and flies the flag of Cyprus

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The Mottler is one of many ocean going vessels that are under charter to Canfornav in Quebec. Many of their vessels are named for ducks since the company is a sponsor of Ducks Unlimited Canada. Other vessels chartered to Canfornav that have come to the Twin Ports include the Bluewing, Greenwing, Bluebill, Gadwall and Redhead.
The Mottler came into port this afternoon (Friday, June 2, 2017). Later today, she will go to anchor off the Duluth piers,waiting to come in to load wheat at CHS1. The Canfornav logo, shown above, is on the stern of their ships. On the picture just below, it can be seen on the side of the tan stack behind the pilot house. To emphasize their conservation values, these ships are painted green, as in the trees above on their logo.
The picture above was taken by Paul Scinocca in November, 2013 when the ship was in port loading grain at CHS 1 in Superior.