Zealand Juliana


Zealand Juliana was built in 2012, is 500 feet long and flies the flag of The Netherlands

Zelada Desgagnes
Previous names:
Zealand Juliana: 2012-2012
Zealahoo: 2012-2013
Zealand Juliana: 2013-2015
Juliana: 2015-
The Zealand Juliana was built in Turkey and made her first trip to Duluth Superior in August, 2013. After waiting at anchor for a couple days (bottom picture), she came in to load spring wheat for Tilbury, England on August 6, 2013 (above and below).


  1. Aside from the Calumet fuel dock in Duluth, CN operates a fueling station in Two Harbors but usually only fuels GLF boats as they are owned by that company.

    I’m not sure how often or actively it is used.

    Technically any dock can fuel boats, you just have to truck it in. Duluth is the major fueling port though.

  2. how many places are there to fuel ships on lake superior

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