Whitefish Bay

W. N. Twolan

Whitefish Bay was built in 2013, is 740 feet long and flies a Canadian flag

Wilfred M. Cohen
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The Whitefish Bay is the second of four new Trillium Class Lakers that Canada Steamship Lines built for Great Lakes service. The other three vessels are the Baie St. Paul, the Thunder Bay and the Baie Comeau.
Whitefish Bay arrived Duluth early afternoon, June 12, 2017 to load iron ore pellets at the CN Dock
The Whitefish Bay arrived in Montreal on July 7, 2013 from the Chengxi Shipyard in Jiangyin, China where she was built. She then left for Superior to load coal at Midwest Energy Resources. Captain Kent Powell brought his crew of 15 to 18 under the Lift Bridge very early, Friday morning, July 26, 2013. The Whitefish Bay has the latest engine technology that will decrease air emissions and a double hull design that will prevent spills. Her new cargo handling system will minimize dust and cargo residue. trilium
The name Trillium comes from the beautiful spring flower of the same name. The three petals represent for CSL, the three tenets of CSL’s sustainability philosophy as well as the three areas in which the new vessels excel: fuel efficiency, operational performance and environmental sustainability. CSL named the new boat after a ship with the same name that was built in 1961. The name also comes from the Bay class of ships the company had that honored the many Bays in the Great Lakes.
Above, she enters the Duluth ship canal on July 23, 2014, on her way to Midwest Energy Resources to load coal for Quebec. Below, she has just come under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on the same trip.
On July 26, 2013, the Whitefish Bay made her first visit to the Twin Ports.
Above, she is docked at Midwest Energy on that first visit. Below, I went on board to see how the new boat operated.
I made a video of what I saw and heard on the visit.
Later that day, she departed the port to carry her cargo of coal to Quebec where it would be off-loaded to a ocean going vessel.


  1. Carleen Best says:

    Love the pictures. Is it possible to get copies of high resolution images?

  2. Rick Tykolis says:

    This ship proudly wintered (2015) at Wharf 16 Port Colborne Ont…It was an honour to have her here and to visit her many times this winter

  3. Austin loves ships says:

    One of my favorites

  4. Never heard it be called the “Canal Park Bridge” in all my life. I’m 23 and have lived in Duluth for every one off those years. Lol (with the exception of a few months here and there).

  5. Saw The Whitefish Bay leaving Duluth around 13:00 hours CST earlier this afternoon. I’m pretty sure Captain Phillips was at the helm and I must say he was doing a splendid job navigating the rigorous waters of Duluth as we saw it go beneath the auspicious Canal Park Bridge. Any chance Captain Phillips moonlights as a cartographer, because he knew that bay like the back of his hand.

    It definitely was not a flaccid day.

  6. Waiting here in the Duluth Harbor for it’s departure (10 – 12 noon) in the Rain!!

  7. Steve Sittler says:

    Whitefish Bay locked through upbound at Sault Ste. Marie today at about 7:00 pm. First time through the locks.

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