Yulia was built in 2011, is 606 feet long and flies a Liberian flag

Zealand Juliana
Previous names:
Harlequin: 2011-2011
Yulia: 2011-

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The Yulia came back on December 8, 2017 (above) with more clay to discharge at the Port Terminal
The Yulia made her first trip to Duluth in June, 2013, arriving on June 5, 2013 (above).
Picture above taken Wednesday, June 5, 2013, by Holly Jorgenson


  1. Dot Wolking says:

    Discharging what? Loading anything?

  2. Eric Wilson says:

    Agree! To quote the great Indiana Jones, “It’s not the years its the mileage”

  3. William Mitchell says:

    For only being 2 years old she looks like she has had a hard life. Most the older boats that come to Port look a lot better.

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