Federal Kumano

Federal Kivalina

Federal Kumano was built in 2003, is 656 feet long and flies the flag of Hong Kong

Federal Kushiro
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Above, the Federal Kumano was at anchor on May 5, 2017 while she waited to load grain at CHS.  She came in on May 9th and departed on the 1th. This was her 2nd trip to the Twin Ports.
On her first trip, In late May, 2013, she loaded wheat for Algeria. Above and below, she came in from the anchorage on May 29, 2013. Click here to see video of her arrival.
The Federal Kumano arrived off the Duluth piers and dropped anchor on June 16, 2013 while she waited to load grain at the CHS 1 grain terminal in Superior.


  1. Because she was waiting for legal issues to be resolved

  2. It is now May 25th and this vessel has been at anchor for at least two weeks without entering port. Any idea why?

    • She should be coming in on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Why, hard question; lots of things, mostly contracts between people all over the world; some one is selling the grain; someone somewhere is the buyer and then there is the ship, which is only the carrier, like ups. THe ship, just like ups, goes where they are told to go to pick up and discharge cargo.

  3. Why is it taking so long for this ship to be loaded??

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