Cornelia was built in 2001, is 581 feet long and flies the flag of Liberia

Previous names:
Pine: 2001-2003
Cornelia: 2003-

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Above two and one below, the Cornelia in the Duluth harbor on October 16, 2016, on her way to discharge cement at the CRH dock.
Below, she finally departed Duluth after over 40 days at anchor off the Duluth piers, on December18, 2015. Check other pages above for more details and pictures.
Pictures above and below taken December 6, 2012


  1. dwight fry says:

    The Cornelia seems to be in some kind of trouble. She has been anchored off of Park Point for about three weeks now . Does anyone have any information?

  2. Hello. I was a crewmember at this time on the cornelia. We have been in duluth for discharging china clay (kaolin) from brazil and in superior for loading grain for italy. Because of the weather, cargo operations might be interrupted for plenty times, so that the cargo couldnt become wet.
    Do you have some pics of cornelia? If yes, please send to Thx

  3. So there are three salties due in today. Wow. I wonder which vessel came in this morning with a master salute at 0539. I could hear them both up on the hill. Looked like an ore/coal boat.

    • holly jorgenson says:

      must have been the gott? she wasn’t expected until afternoon, but she’s at the fuel dock…repairs?

      • I guess that makes sense. I just didn’t think she would be here that early when I checked the schedule.

        • holly jorgenson says:

          yes, the schedule is very helpful. up towards the top under monday arrivals and departures so far today…Edwin H. Gott (US) arrived Duluth at 05:45.

  4. Gary E. anderson says:

    What are they unloading that will take 5 days

    • I think it was the Cornelia, a saltie that came in with a load of clay. She has bounced from one dock to the next and out to anchor and back in. Do you follow the listings on duluthboats? If not it gives a lot of useful information.

  5. Patricia, there are currently two more salties listed on this site’s schedules as due to arrive this season, and there will probably end up being more than that. The Dutch vessel Victoriaborg is due tomorrow (Dec. 7), and the German-owned, Antigua-flagged Hermann Schoening is due around Dec. 12th.

    There are still over a dozen salties currently delivering cargo to Great Lakes ports that will become available to load outbound cargoes in the next ten days or so and that still don’t have a publicly declared loading port yet. At least a few of them will probably end up coming to Duluth-Superior to pick up cargo.

    There are also several salties owned by the Wagenborg line (fleetmates of Victoriaborg) due to load grain at Thunder Bay during the coming week. These ships often split their loads between Thunder Bay and the Twin Ports, first loading a partial cargo in Thunder Bay and then coming to Duluth-Superior to finish off, so it’s possible we’d see one or two of them before the overseas season finishes.

    The last saltie of the season usually arrives between December 12th and December 16th and clears between December 15th and 17th.

  6. Will this be the last saltie of the season?l

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