The Flinterstar was built in 2002, is 424 feet long and flies the flag of The Netherlands

Previous names:
UAL Africa: 2002-2011
Flinterstar: 2011-

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Flinterstar was involved in a collision in October, 2015. See link in comments below.
The Flinterstar is seen here at anchor off the Duluth piers, waiting to come in and discharge her cargo of wind turbine blades, as well as some nacelles below deck.


  1. As also reported by gCaptain, the vessel was declared a total loss. The bow section of the ship was raised in late June, 2016, and the stern is supposed to be realized in August.

  2. Hunter Chisholm says:

    The Flinterstar sank 10/6/2015 as noted by gCaptain. All crew members rescued.


  3. donna, that is quite a sight, isn’t it? here is a link to an earlier entry from ken about the nacelles:


    if you do a “google custom search” at the right of the picture, other articles containing “nacelles” will pop up.

  4. Interesting looking with the wind turbine blades and what are “nacelles” which are loaded below deck?

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