Helen H. (Heritage Marine)

Helen H. was built in 1967, is 82 feet long and flies a U.S. flag

Previous names:
W. Douglas Masterson: 1967-2011
Helen H: 2011-

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The Helen H. is the former W. Douglas Masterson, built in Texas in 1967. Heritage Marine purchased her in 2011 and renamed her Helen H. She made the long journey from Texas via the Illinois waterway under her own power, reaching Chicago and from there to the western end of Lake Superior. She joins the Nels J. and Edward H. in the Heritage Marine fleet of tugs. The picture just below was taken on February 13th, 2012 at the company’s dock in Superior. Just behind the Helen H. is the Nels J. and behind her is the Edward H.
The Callaway approaches the dock while the Helen H. is still clearing the ice away from the dock. (January 15,2014).  (Click below to see a video of this job)

Above, the Helen H. gave an assist to the Roerborg as she entered the Duluth harbor on October 32, 2016, her first visit to the Twin Ports.
Below, the Helen H. gets ready to help the Cason J. Callaway come in for winter layup at the Duluth Port Terminal.
Below, the Helen H. assists the Edward L. Ryerson on her journey from Fraser Shipyard to her new long-term layup dock at the Barko Hydraulics dock, just across the slip from  CHS grain terminal. More on this trip here.