Pathfinder-Dorothy Ann


Pathfinder/Dorothy Ann was built in 1952, is 700 feet long and flies a U.S. flag

Paul R. Tregurtha
Previous names:
J.L. Mauthe: 1952-1997
Pathfinder: 1997-
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The J. L. Mauthe was built at River Rouge, Michigan in 1953. After a long and steady career, she entered layup at Fraser Shipyards in Superior in 1993. On the last day of 1996, she was towed from Fraser to the Bay Shipbuilding Company to be converted into a barge called the Pathfinder. At about the same time, Interlake Steamship also built the tug Dorothy Ann. They entered Great Lakes Service in 1999 as the barge/tug combination Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder. Pictures below taken Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Picture just above and both below taken the same day while she was getting fuel at Calumet Fuel Dock.


  1. Svenska Fisk says:

    As far as I can tell the Alpena is the shortest operating laker. Is that true?

  2. This one looks like a light house

  3. Mike Wiegand says:

    This is an impressive ship. My wife and I were crusing the Black River in Lorain, OH last Sunday 7/3/2011. We passed within 50 feet.

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