BBC Kimberley

Erik was built in 2008, is 454 feet long and flies the flag of Antigua

BBC Maine
Previous names:
BBC Louisiana: 2008-2017
Erik: 2017-
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Note (December 13, 2017) : A large trailer combination was on its way to Duluth from Lincoln, Nebraska. Meanwhile, the ship Erik arrived this morning at 6:05. Formerly the BBC Louisiana, she made at least two visits here. The first September, 2009 when she loaded grain at CHS, and the other, when she brought wind turbine pieces from Denmark that were discharged here and headed for a Minnesota Power wind farm in North Dakota. Perhaps tomorrow, depending on the weather, the piece will be loaded onto the Erik.

The BBC Louisiana arrived on Sunday morning (August 26, 2012) at 11:18 on her 2nd trip to the Twin Ports since she was built in 2008. On that trip, in September, 2009, she came in empty and loaded grain at the CHS terminal in Superior. On this trip, she loaded wind bbclouisiana20120827_5406turbine parts at Siemens in Denmark to discharge at the Port Terminal here in Duluth. After that, the pieces will be taken to a Minnesota Power wind farm in North Dakota. The picture here shows the discharge of one of the containers that were included in the shipment. The ship  then went out to the anchorage off the Duluth piers to wait to come back in, perhaps on September 3rd, to again load grain at CHS.
The BBC ships are managed by BBC Chartering & Logistics of Leer, Germany. The names of many ships in their fleet start with BBC. The following have all visited the Twin Ports in the last couple years: the BBC: Amazon, Arizona, Atlantic, Elbe, Ems, England, Europe, Finland, France, Germany, Greenland, India, Italy, Jade, Maine, Mexico, Mississippi, Ontario, Oregon, Orinoco, Plata, Rhine, Rosario, Shanghai, Sweden, Venezuela, Volga and Zarate. I am sure it helps to get business in Peru if you send a ship there called the BBC Peru, and they do, and many others still to visit us in the future. It takes a little nerve, in my opinion, to name your ship after a whole continent, or even a whole state for that matter. They have them all covered, though. All, that is, except Duluth.
Picture above was taken Thursday, September 10, 2009

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