Morraborg was built in 1999, is 441.4 feet long and flies the flag of The Netherlands

Previous names:
Morraborg: 1999-2013
Shantar: 2013-

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The Morraborg was here in May, 2012 to discharge wind turbine parts. Just below, she has just come under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on her way to the Lake Superior Warehousing dock at the Port Terminal. The cargo on her bow are containers which hold smaller parts and equipment used in building the wind turbines.
Pictures below taken Sunday, November 23, 2008


  1. Ken,
    I loved your narrative about getting additional photos of this shp & her load. It’s nice to hear that there is a photographer out there with strong enough personal ethics to ask those questions where you just may get a NO.
    I’ve lost a few rolls of film in the past when I was in the same situation. How that work now in the digital – will they take the whole camera?
    Thanks again for the great photos & history on these boats.

  2. Lee Downie says:

    Morraborg is a mighty pretty ship. The Dutch seem to have a real flair for hull shape.

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