Federal Mattawa

 Federal Matane

Federal Mattawa was built in 2005, is 606 feet long and flies the flag of Liberia

Federal Mayumi
Previous names:
Ocean Castle: 2005-2005
Federal Mattawa: 2005-2016
Ocean Castle: 2016-
Shortly after her build as Ocean Castle, she was chartered to FedNav, and name was changed to Federal Mattawa.
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After a long wait, the Federal Mattawa came into port on June 10, 2014.
She moved up the Duluth harbor to her dock at CHS2 (below)  with the help of the local tug North Carolina.


  1. Ken, do we know why the Federal Mattawa has been sitting at cnchor for over 2 weeks?

    • Because of a rail car shortage, it has to wait for grain to come in… I heard at the LSMM this week..

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