Umiavut was built in 1988, is 371 feet long and flies the flag of The Netherlands

Previous names:
Kapitan Silin: 1988-1992
Lindengracht: 1992-2000
Umiavut: 2000-

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The Dutch flagged Umiavut was in the Twin Ports in June, 2007 with wind turbine parts for 32 wind turbines loaded in Spain and built by Gamesa. They discharged the pieces onto trailer trucks that were taken to a wind farm in Iowa.
The Umiavut is operated by the Inuit people in the newly created Canadian territory called Nunavut, formerly a part of the Northwest Territories in Western Canada. The change happened in 1999. When not hauling wind-turbine equipment, the ship is used to resupply communities isolated in the winter by the ice of the Arctic Ocean. If the Northwest Passage opens up, perhaps because of global warming, these isolated communities would have more alternatives open to them.

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