Redhead was built in 2004, is 655 feet long and flies the flag of Hong Kong

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The Redhead is a salt water ship sailing under a charter to Canadian Forest Navigation (Canfornav for short). Ships they work with are often named after redheadduckducks.The Redhead duck has a reddish head and spends the winter in Texas; the rest of the year in the Western United States and Canada. The Redhead ship is green. She will make her 6th visit to the Twin Ports in late November, 2016, loading durum wheat for Italy at CHS 1. In 2007, she made 3 trips to Duluth, loading flax at CHS 1 the first time and wheat at AGP during the other 2 visits. In 2010, she was here in November to load wheat at CHS. In April, 2015, she arrived Duluth (above and the 2 below) to load wheat at CHS.
Note the Canadian Forest Navigation logo on her stack, 3 trees on top and water below.
Below, she departs Duluth on April 30, 2007 after loading flax at CHS.
270501-1- 012PROD


  1. I like a big redhead,I think Ive seen this one before !

  2. Wow — good thing they painted her from the last picture we have of her!

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