State of Michigan

Statesboro was built in 1938, is 89 feet long and flies a U.S. flag

Stewart J. Cort
Previous names:
Thomas E. Moran: 1938-1940
USS Namontack: 1940-1947
Thomas E. Moran: 1947-1947
Harriet Moran: 1947-1975
Viking: 1975-1993
Georgetown: 1993-1999
Sharon Elizabeth: 1999-2005
Statesboro: 2005-2007
Barbara Merry Busch: 2007-2007
During her years as a US Navy vessel, she was classified as YN-46, then YNT-14, and later as YTB-738.

The vessel has been idle since 2007, her future is unknown.

Picture above taken Friday, April 14, 2006
Picture above taken Friday, April 14, 2006

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