BBC Germany

 BBC Fuji

BBC Germany was built in 2003, is 393 feet long and flies the flag of Antigua

BBC Greenland
Previous names:
BBC Germany: 2003-2006
Leda: 2006-2008
BBC Germany: 2008-
Picture above taken Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Through the 2010 season, the BBC Germany had made only one trip to Duluth-Superior, that being in June, 2005 when she loaded bentonite at the Hallett Dock in West Duluth.
The BBC ships are managed by BBC Chartering & Logistics of Leer, Germany. The names of many ships in their fleet start with BBC. Others beside Germany are: Africa, Alabama, Asia, California, Denmark, Europe, Peru, North American and many more. I am sure it helps to get business in Peru if you send a ship there call the BBC Peru. It takes a little nerve, in my opinion, to name your ship after a whole continent, or even a whole state for that matter. They have them all covered, though. All, that is, except Duluth.

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