Bluebill was built in 2004, is 632 feet long and flies the flag of Antigua

Previous names:
Padang: 2004-2004
Bluebill: 2004-

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Thursday, July 28, 2005: The Bluebill arrived to load wheat for Venezuela. This is her second trip to Duluth.  She has a crew of 18, mostly from Ukraine. On this trip, her captain was from India.
Below, On November 4, 2004, the Bluebill was here to load soy beans and durum wheat for Antwerp and Finland. Launched in the spring of 2004 in China, this is her second trip into the Great Lakes and her first to Duluth. She carries a crew of 18. The Bluebill joins the Canfornav handy-sized fleet. Named for a diving duck of North America with a bluish-gray bill, the Bluebill joins two additional “duck-named” vessels delivered to Canfornav in 2003, the Puffin (a small, pigeon-sized seabird), and the Pochard (a duck from Europe and Asia). She went to St. Petersburg, Russia from Duluth.
bluebillcaptsain11042004Captain Cezary Luczywek was interviewed by MPR’s Bob Kelleher while in Duluth. He is from Poland and the other officers and crew are from Ukraine. Below, the Coast Guard was on board while I was there to oversee some safety testing, including the use of gumby suits which are cold water immersion suits