Hammond Bay

 H. Lee White

Hammond Bay was built in 1953, is 45 feet long and flies a U.S. flag

Herbert C. Jackson
hammondbay240913-2-051The Hammond Bay is a work tug used by the Corp of Engineers in Duluth for a variey of tasks, often assisting the derrick  barge H.  J. Schwartz and the tug D. L. Billmaier in breakwater repair and other maintenance tasks. Picture at left taken Monday, September 13, 2004


  1. workhorse

  2. TugStanwix says:

    I worked on a tugboat that looks just like the Hammond Bay. She was built for the NY COE District in 1932. Her name was the Stanwix and was 500 hp. Sat low in the water but had a huge hull. (Hulls are built for the engine, marine gear and shaft plus forward crew quarters and collision bulkhead void at the bow. Great boats with a good sized barn door. (rudder) We towed sunken scows with 500 ft of tow line, camels, drift collection work. Stanwix had a straight eight GM engine, air starter. So first thing was to open seacocks, start generator to power air compressor. She had chain steering which we had to take up on a turnbuckle when the ships wheel got sloppy.
    She was rivet hull built. I was in a few storms and you could not go out on deck even on the lee. This hull number must be a proven design for the Corps.

    • bill rajaniemi says:

      the tugs Houghton, Bayfield and Ashland were all quite similar. powered by Budda engines, smooth and quiet. tugs Marquette (Billmaier)? and Lake Superior were all out of the Duluth Corps of engineers. worked on the dredge Gaylord in early 70s.

  3. I listen to them on the radio, the tug is a work horse. Hopefully the Corps finds a way to keep it floating! The way the government cuts things, the crews on the tugs are working with smaller crews.

  4. nortshoreview says:

    Government captains at their best. Our harbor needs the work and that includes the tug.

  5. bill lakota says:

    I have seen it pulled by the barges before, I’m surprised it never sank in the bigger waver they left in? It already sits low in the water, hopefully the tax payer doesn’t pay for the salvage?

  6. She just sunk in St Marys River

    Coast Guard responds to sunken tug in St. Marys River 18 minutes ago

    SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. — Coast Guard crews are responding Monday morning to a tug…

  7. Tristin (loves ships) says:

    It’s so puny compared to all the other vessels.

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