Samuel Risley


Samuel Risley was built in 1985, is 228 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Sarah  Spencer
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The Samuel Risley is a Canadian flagged ice breaker. She was named after a 19th century steamboat inspector and was launched at Delta, B.C. in July 1985. She usually carries 9 officers and 13 crew members. Unlike the US Coast Guard, who are considered members of the military, the Canadian Coast Guard crew members are all employed by the Fisheries and Ocean division of the Canadian government. She has an onboard crane for handling navigation buoys and has winches used for rescue towing and water cannons for firefighting. She has controllable pitch propellers, bow and stern thrusters and twin rudders. The ship can be moved in any direction by a slight adjustment of the joystick steering system. The Risley can move steadily through ice up to 33 inches thick.
Above, she is docked at the DECC on November 26, 2011; below, she departed one day later.
Picture above taken Friday, January 21, 2005: The Canadian icebreaker Samuel Risley comes to Duluth to help out our ice breakers when the ice gets really thick
Pictures above and below taken Saturday, April 5, 2003: Canadian ice breaker outside the Superior entry. I took these pictures from the Coast Guard cutter Sundew. For more on this visit, check this page.

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