Vlieborg (old)

Vlieborg was built in 1999, is 433 feet long and flies the flag of The Netherlands

Previous names:
Vlieborg: 1999-2007
Thorshovdi: 2007-2011
Antarctic Sea: 2011-

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The ‘old’ Vlieborg is best remembered for crashing into the north wall of the Duluth ship canal on August 24th, 2005, as she tried to depart the port but instead went into the wall just out side my office. After hitting the wall, she backed away, later dropping anchor in the harbor while the Coast Guard investigated.
Wagenborg Shipping sold the Vlieborg  in 2007. That ship is now called the Antarctic Sea. Wagenborg launched a new Vlieborg in 2012.
Below, later in the day, the impact area had been fenced off and ship traffic resumed: the Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. arrived under the Lift Bridge
Prior to the accident, the Vlieborg had arrived in port on August 21, 2005 to discharge a cargo of lumber (above)  loaded in Germany. The month before, on July 13, 2005 (below), she was  here to discharge a cargo of lumber loaded in Germany.
Below, she is seen departing Duluth on September 13, 2001