Isadora was built in 1999, is 655 feet long and flies the flag of Cyprus

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September 20, 2013
isadora261116-1-003 The Isadora is a Polish ship, owned by the Polish Steamship Company in Szczecin, Poland. She was built in 1999 and is 655 feet long. Her trip here in October, 2008 was her 13th to the Twin Ports. She usually loads grain when in port. Picture at left taken Thursday, November 16, 2006
December 14, 2007
Isadora captain Zdzislaw Ivanowski brought his crew of 20 Polish sailors to Duluth on December 12, 2007. She was the last ocean going vessel to visit the port that season.
They loaded wheat for Barcelona and were still loading into the early evening of December 14 while local officials were inside meeting with Captain Ivanowski
Buying and selling grain around the world is a complicated business and each exchange brings with it an appropriate amount of paper work. Just before departing, the Captain (at right) met with, from the left, Chuck Hilleren from Guthrie-Hubner, the ship’s agent, Chuck Ilenda, from Ceres, the stevedore for the job, and Captain Sencer Under from the National Cargo Bureau.
Before they left, they also welcomed 2 new sailors to replace 2 that were going home to Poland from Duluth. In September, the ship was here to discharge steel loaded in Holland. Before coming to Duluth, they discharged some of that cargo in Cleveland, Burns Harbor and Milwaukee. On other trips, they often load grain for South American, Africa, Northern and Southern Europe and England. In the winter, when not in the Great Lakes, they often go to China, France, Chile, Mexico and Brazil. They occasionally take phosphates from Casablanca to Antwerp and fertilizer to Brazil.
June 4, 2003
September 3, 2001
June 6, 2001
November 9, 2000

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