Global Carrier

Goldeneye was built in 1986, is 590 feet long and flies the flag of Greece

Previous names:
Sun Ocean: 1986-1993
Luna Verde: 1993-2000
Goldeneye: 2000-2009
Judi Muhieddine: 2009-2012
Ocean Dawning: 2012-2015
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This vessel is no longer in service. She was scrapped in 2015 at Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Goldeneye made 8 trips to Duluth Superior from 1996 to 2006. The Greek-owned Goldeneye often sailed under charter to Canadian Forest Navigation.
Picture above taken on June 19, 2006; she was coming to Duluth to load spring wheat for Venezuela; below, on September 3, 2003
Picture below taken September 25, 2001

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