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Isolda was built in 1999, is 655 feet long and flies a Polish flag

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The Isolda was back in town on May 31, 2017 to load grain at Riverland Ag (above). Read Denny Dushane’s comment below about her new paint job, a dramatic change from blue to black.
Above, the Isolda is at anchor across from the Rose Garden on July 1, 2010. On the 7th, she arrived in port to load durum wheat for Algeria at the CHS terminal in Superior. Durum wheat is often used there to make couscous, a dish that can include a variety of other ingredients including lamb, beef and vegetables. After loading wheat on Friday, July 2, they went back out to the anchorage to wait while we celebrated Independence Day. Coming back in on Tuesday, July 7th (below), they finished up and left for Algeria on July 9th. She is a Polish ship owned by the Polish Steamship Company in the port of Szczecin, Poland. Her crew is also Polish. She has been here 24 times through October, 2014.
Above, she departed Duluth on August 3, 2007 after loading grain at AGP.
She arrived on November 15, 2005 to load grain at AGP
The AGP elevator often required ships to shift back and forth at the dock so their spouts can reach the designated cargo hold. On May 18, 2002, she is almost out of the slip so the spout could fill up the forward hold.
Above, she arrived Duluth on October 15, 2001; below, she was back in December to load more grain.
In late June, 2000, she arrived Duluth (above and just below), to load grain. She departed on July 1.


  1. Denny Dushane says:

    It appears that this vessel along with its sistership the Isadora have both gotten brand new paint jobs in 2017 and no longer sport the traditional blue hull that they have had since they were built in 1999. The Isolda now has a black hull with the letters POLSTEAM on the sides of its hull now in white lettering. It remains to be seen yet what will happen with the Isa, Irma and the Iryda but, I will have to say that at some point at least I am sure that each of them will end up being painted black as well and will have white lettering on the sides of the hull with the word POLSTEAM on them.

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