Irma was built in 2000, is 655 feet long and flies the flag of Cyprus

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220529-431The Irma is owned by the Polish Steamship Company located in the port of Szczecin. Her trip here in August, 2015 will be her 19th since she was launched from a shipyard in Japan on December 10, 1999. On all her visits, she has loaded grain for a variety of overseas ports. On her 2nd trip here, in August, 2000, she loaded steel coils in Europe that they discharged in Cleveland and Burns Harbor before coming to Duluth to load grain. Most cargo ships that come to Duluth to load grain discharge another cargo in a Great Lakes port before coming to Duluth. Sometimes, Duluth is the port where the last piece of inbound cargo is discharged. Picture above and below taken Wednesday, May 29, 2002
Picture above taken Wednesday, September 3, 2002; below May 24, 2000
Picture above taken Monday, August 21, 2000: The deck of the Irma while loading wheat at Harvest States. The spouts can be seen at the top of the picture, loading two of the forward cargo holds.
Captain Nierebinski brought the Irma in to port in August, 2000. He lives with his wife and two children in the town of Bydgoszcz, about 160 kilometers south of Dansk. Despite his long service on the world’s oceans, he had not been to Duluth since 1989, when he was second mate on the Ziemia Tarnowska, a ship that used to make about 2 visits to Duluth each year. The Irma and other new builds have replaced the older Polish Steamship vessels such as the Tarnowska.
Captain Nierebinski brought Krystyna Pohl with him. Actually, the Irma brought Krystyna to Cleveland. She then flew to Duluth several days later for the return trip to Poland on the Irma. Krystyna Pohl is a reporter for the Glos Szczecinski, a newspaper in the home port (Szczecin) of the Polish Steamship Company. She was writing an article about the Irma’s first trip to the United States. Below, Captain Nierebinski and Krystyna waved goodbye as the Irma departed Duluth on August 22nd, 2000.
Picture above taken Monday, August 21, 2000: A view of the brand new pilothouse on the brand new Irma, during her second trip to Duluth in August, 2000.


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