Federal Asahi

Federal Asahi was built in 2000, is 629 feet long and flies the flag of the Marshall Islands

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The Federal Asahi made her first trip to Duluth on April 12, 2000, loading grain at the AGP elevator in Duluth (above). She started the trip in Japan where she was built. Duluth marked the last stop on her maiden voyage. There was a welcome to Duluth party on board. I slipped out of the party to take the two pictures below.
Above, the vessel was commanded by Captain Deepak Mehra of Dehra Dun, India. Although this was the vessel’s first visit to the Port, it wasn’t Captain Mehra’s first time here-since 1988 he’s made about 25 trips here on other Fednav vessels.

He was here on the Soren Toubro (now the Millenium Falcon) as a 3rd mate, on the LT Argosy (now the Millenium Hawk), the Mangal Desai (now the Millenium Eagle) and the LT Odessy (now the Millenium Osprey) as 2nd mate.

Above, Channel 6 reporter Jana Katsuyana is interviewing Captain Deeppak. Not satisfied with his rather general answers to her questions, she kept at it and eventually got a tour of the ship. In the picture, Captain Deepak is pointing out the extra breadth of the ship to Katsuyana.

Above, she was here on May 1, 2015 to discharge cargo at the Port Terminal. After that, she departed Duluth to load grain in Thunder Bay. Below, she was back in October, 2015, this time to load grain in the Twin Ports.
Arrivals in Twin Ports