Algoma Transfer

Algoma Strongfield

Algoma Transfer was built in 1943, is 650 feet long and flies the Canadian flag

Algoma Transport
Previous names:
J.H. Hillman, Jr: 1943-1974
Crispin Oglebay (2): 1974-1995
Hamilton Transfer: 1995-1998
Canadian Transfer: 1998-2011
Algoma Transfer: 2011-2014
In 1998, the bow of the Hamilton Transfer was joined with the stern section of the Canadian Explorer to form the Canadian Transfer.
On May 24, 2014, the Algoma Transfer arrived by tow at IMS in Port Colborne, Ontario, where she will be scrapped.
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Picture above taken June 18, 2008, picture below taken Tuesday, June 21, 2007
Picture above taken Tuesday, June 21, 2007
Picture above taken Sunday, June 4, 2000


  1. I’m wondering why the Transfer is shown on the shipping schedule when it was scrapped about 3 years ago. Was it some kind of an error?

  2. Another maritimer class gone

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