Algoma Discovery


Algoma Discovery was built in 1987 and flies the Canadian flag

Algoma Enterprise
Previous names:
Malinska: 1987-1997
Daviken: 1997-2008
Algoma Discovery: 2008-

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The Daviken was one of three sister ships home ported in Bergen, Norway that were purchased by the Canadian company, Algoma Central in 2008. The Sandviken, Daviken and Goviken are now Canadian flagged and named the Algoma Spirit, Algoma Discovery and the Algoma Guardian. I have no pictures yet of the ship as the Algoma Discovery but here are three I took when she was the Daviken. Above, I took this as a tug was moving the ship into the AGP elevator in December, 2007. Notice the fox running on the ice in front of the ship.
These two pictures were taken in September, 2001 while she was coming into port.


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  2. I got a pic of the Algom discovery entering
    The lock between Lake Superior and Lake Michigan
    E-mail me if u would like them !

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