Columbus was built in 1997, is 472 feet long and flies the flag of The Bahamas

Previous names:
c. Columbus: 1997-2012
Hamburg: 2012-
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The cruise ship Hamburg is due in Montreal on Sept. 6, 2015. The vessel, once it departs Montreal, is scheduled to go to Toronto, Ont., and do a series of cruises around the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway. Hamburg is best though remembered as the C. Columbus, built in 1997 and for years a regular visitor to the Great Lakes/Seaway system. The ship is still registered in the Bahamas but carries mostly German passengers.
Above and below, departing on September 28, 2006; below
Above, arriving on September 16, 2005; below, about to dock at the DECC on October 2, 2002
Above and below on October 2, 2002
Above and below, on September 7, 2000