Zuni Princess

Ziemia Zamojska

Zuni Princess was built in 1984, is 584 feet long and flies the flag of the Bahamas

Previous names:
Socrates: 1984-1992
Union: 1992-1997
Mecta Sea: 1997-2005
Ypermachos: 2005-2008
Zuni Princess: 2008-2012
Anoushka: 2012-2014

This vessel is no longer in service. She arrived at Alang, India for scrapping in November of 2014.

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ypermachos261108-1-036The Zuni Princess was built in 1984 as the Socrates, a ship that was here in 1985 when gale winds up to 70 miles per hour dragged the ship and her anchor into the sand just off Park Point. That started a week long ‘event’ with Duluthians going out to Park Point to view the phenomena while tug boats and the Coast Guard tried to free the ship. They eventually did and she came in, loaded grain and quietly departed. In 1992, her name (and ownership) was changed to the Union. In 1997 she became the Mecta Sea until 2010 when she was renamed to the Zuni Princess. Between 1996 and 2010, the ship made 11 trips here.
As the Mecta Sea, she is seen above just after coming under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge in November, 2001.

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