Orsula was built in 1996, is 656 feet long and flies the flag of Marshall Islands

Previous names:
Federal Calumet: 1996-1997
Orsula: 1997-2018
Epsilon: 2018-

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In June, 2017, the Orsula will make her 21st visit to the Twin Ports since she was built in China in 1996 as the Federal Calumet. She will load grain at CHS.She became Orsula in 1998.  She is currently owned by Atlantska Plovidba in Dubrovnik, Croatia and is sailing under charter to Fednav in Montreal.
She is probably named for a Park located just south of Dubrovnik, Croatia that was named after a 14th century chapel called St. Orsula, named after the patron saint of virgins and virginal virtue.
Above, she arrives under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on June 28, 2011 to load grain at CHS.
The Orsula was here in December, 2010 to load wheat at CHS in Superior.
The Orsula is owned by Atlantska Plovidba in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Captain showed me a poster for the company with a picture of the old part of the town, old as in medieval.
She arrived Duluth on October 4, 2008 to load grain at Harvest States.
While the Orsula was at anchor off the Duluth piers on Sepember 4, 2006 waitng to come in to load flax, wheat and soy beans for the port of Ghent in Belgium, she  became a nice background for a annual late summer activity. ‘Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum’ is a favorite spot for young Duluthians to visit in the late summer. Actually you have to swim out to visit it. It is what is left of a pier built about 100 years ago to unload sand and gravel from ships. First you swim out to the large piece of concrete and climb up to the top and stand there while you think about diving or jumping off as this girl finally did. Or you can also stand up there and climb back down.
Above, she is loading grain at the AGP elevator in Duluth on September 1, 2004. She is partly out in the harbor since the AGP does not have a lot of variability in the movement of its grain spouts; hence, the ship will move up or down the dock; sometimes several times during a visit.
Above and below, she discharged steel coils at the Port Terminal in late November, 2003. When that was completed, she moved over to Harvest States to load wheat for Italy.
The ship came in later that day to load grain at the CHS terminal in Superior where I took the picture below on the next day from the pilot house of the ship.  Although built as the Federal Calumet, she became the Orsula in 1997.