Federal St. Laurent

 Federal Shimanto

Federal St. Laurent was built in 1996, is 656 feet long and flies the flag of British West Indies

Federal Welland
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Update from the September, 2016 issue of the Fednav newsletter: After 20 years of continuous service, the Federal St Laurent, was recently decommissioned to undergo an environmentally friendly and socially responsible recycling process to be executed at China’s Jiang Men City Zhong Xin Shipbreaking & Steel Co. Ltd. under the diligent supervision of Grieg Green. This operation is closely overseen by both our Shipowning department and vessel managers to ensure conformance with the Fednav’s stringent recycling plan that protects local workers and the environment.
Holly Jorgenson took the picture above of the Federal St. Laurent while she was at anchor off the Duluth piers on November 4, 2012 waiting to come in to load grain at Gavilon.
The Federal St. Laurent gets some help from a local tug when she was here in April, 2010
She was the port’s last ocean vessel of the 2005 season when she left here on Dec. 19, 2005 from Duluth’s AGP Grain Limited with about 3,000 metric tons of durum wheat and 19,000 metric tons of soybeans destined for Finland. Above and below, she comes into port on December 17th, 2005.
I went over to AGP to check on the Federal St. Laurent’s progress loading the port’s last salt water cargo of the season. They were too busy to talk with me. Above you see  a grab they had lowered from the deck of the ship. They had borrowed it from the Federal Rhine to handle a special cargo. Since the Rhine was in port also, they called Lakehead Contructors for some help returning the piece of equipment  to the Federal Rhine. Lakehead brought over a fork lift, just below, to move the grab to one of their trucks, bottom, so they could return it to the Federal Rhine.
The ship’s crew, all from India, depart on September 2, 2004 with their cargo of wheat to deliver to ports in Italy
She was the first salt water ship to arrive here for the 1998 season, arriving on April 6 (above). Below, we had a party of board to celebrate her first ship status. She loaded 19,800 tons of spring wheat at AGP in Duluth and delivered it to Allied Mills in Seaforth, England.
Above, the Federal St. Laurent loaded grain at Cargill in June, 1996, at the end of her first full trip through the entire length of the St. Lawrence Seaway System.

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