Oakglen (built 1954, scrapped in 2003)

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Oakglen was built in 1954, was 714 feet long and flew the Canadian flag

Oakglen (built in1980)
Previous names:
T.R. McLagan: 1954-1990
Oakglen (2): 1990-2004
The Oakglen(2) was sold for scrap in 2003, and arrived in Alang, India in Feb. of 2004
The Oakglen was a straight decker launched in 1954 as the T. R. McLagan for Canadian Steamship Lines. After several ownership changes and several decades carrying grain on the Great Lakes, she was taken out of service in 1984 and towed to Toronto in 1987 where she was used to store soybeans.
P. & H. Shipping operated her for several years and then in 1990, they purchased her and renamed her Oakglen. In 2001, she was purchased by Canada Steamship Lines and carried grain cargos until December, 2002 when she entered winter layup, staying there until she was sold for scrap in 2003 and towed to Alang, India.
Picture above taken Tuesday, September 17, 2002, as the Oakglen arrive via the Duluth ship canal
She departed Duluth October 4, 2001
Above and below, in Duluth on Wednesday, September 15, 1999
On the deck of the Oakglen in October, 1998
Above and below, the Oakglen loaded grain at CHS 1 in May, 1997


  1. Fine bUsiness. Thanks kent.

  2. Not this ship in the photo, this ship has been scrapped a new Oakglen now plies the waters.

  3. 3-31-2012 12:45 central time

    Just talked to a guy on a ham radio , he is in a light house on lake superior, i am in Oklahoma City, he reported he sighted this ship the Oak glen on Lake Superior. cool!

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